Eric Boelts Background

Is the Principal and Owner of Brain Bolts, LLC, 2001-Present and was the Principal and Owner of Boelts Bros. Associates, 1986-2001.

He was a lecturer at Colorado State University from 1999-2000, lecturer at University of Arizonia from 1990-2000.

He has a MBA at the University of Arizona in 1996, BFA from the University of Arizona 1984.

Brain Bolts is a design firm located in Boulder, CO. The scope of work Brain Bolts creates runs from logos and complete identity systems to brochures, web sites to booth designs, advertising to posters. The firm’s clients function in a variety of fields including technology, healthcare, the arts, aviation and government.

Eric has been a major force in Brain Bolts and Boelts Bros. creative awards. Eric has
collected over 400 awards in numerous design competitions throughout the world including the Czech Republic, Mexico, England, Canada, Russia, Poland and the USA.

Eric has been featured in Inc. magazine and his work has been featured in Graphis,
Communication Arts, Print, How, Novum and Graphic Design USA Magazines. In addition, frequent interviews in television, radio and newspaper media have been recorded.

Both personally and through his company Eric has assisted over 70 local and national non-profit agencies and companies with their communication needs. Assisted groups include The United Way, Travelers Aid Society and Orts Theatre of Dance.

Eric lives in Boulder, Colorado and is married with two children, runs long distances, paints with watercolor, is addicted to basketball and can both draw with a pencil and use a spreadsheet.


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